Arsenal FC forward Danny Welbeck has had a long layoff from injury, but he is reportedly spending “double days” at the gym, to get back to full fitness, in order to give his side more options up front.


In fact, it has been almost half-a-year since Welbeck last set foot on a football pitch, with Arsenal FC’s goalless draw at home against cross-town rivals Chelsea FC in April being the last time he played football.

Although Welbeck had started recovering from his knee injury and had in fact started training towards the end of the 2014/15 season, he was soon taken off the grounds and sent back to the infirmary.

However, the 24-year-old believes that he is making good progress with the injury, and is not too far away from making a comeback.

a Ita s slow and steady but ita s coming along,a said Welbeck on . Arsenal’s Official website. a Ita s difficult to see the lads when youa re still in the gym, doing double days, but once I get back out on the pitch and start running I will be much happier.

“Ita s a difficult period for me but Ia m looking forward to coming back strong,” he continued. “Ia m trying to build to muscle and ita s hard, but ita s something that Ia ve grasped with two hands and Ia m really looking forward to my return.a

Welbeck’s return would boost Arsenal FC’s forwards lineup greatly

The Gunners have been missing a whole list of injured players, and their forwards lineup looks especially diminished due to this. Instead of buying a new forward in the summer of 2016, manager Arsene Wenger decided to give Theo Walcott a chance up front.

Since then, the forwards duties have been shared by Olivier Giroud and Walcott. However, an injury to Walcott last month meant that even the winger-turned-forward was no more available for selection, leaving Giroud as Wenger’s only option up front.

Welbeck is expected to return to action around Christmas, and it would be extremely beneficial to Wenger to have one more forward at his disposal.