Santos Marquez, agent of Iker Casillas, has insisted that former Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo is planning to leave Real Madrid.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has come under a lot of criticism for the way he handled the departure of Iker Casillas this summer. The former Real Madrid goalkeeper, who has been at the club since the age of nine, held a press conference to say his farewell to the club and the fans, but surprisingly wasna t accompanied by anyone from the club.

Casillasa parents later revealed to press how the Spaniard has been forced out of the club by Florentino Perez. After massive out cry from the Real Madrid supporters, Perez organized another press conference the next day, but it seemed more like an action to save his face, rather than something out of respect for what Casillas has contributed to the club.

Santos Marquez, agent of Iker Casillas, has now gone on record to dismiss Pereza s claims that the Spaniard wanted to leave the club and join Porto. He went on to state that the Real Madrid president will eventually pay for this and that Cristiano Ronaldo is preparing to leave the club. Marquez has also questioned how Ronaldo has been able to sell his image rights to Peter Lim, who is the owner of Valencia.

“Why Cristiano has sold his image rights to Peter Lim?”

a Florentino will eventually have to leave Madrid as a result of the Casillas saga. I dona t know when that will happen but it will. One day he will also need to explain why Cristiano works for another company outside of Real Madrid. Imagine Cristiano generating 40 million euros elsewhere and giving it to Peter Lim, Valenciaa s owner. It ends up in Valenciaa s coffers and thata s deplorable. Then there is Real Madrid City; there is no coaching staff. Theya ve brought in V ctor FernA?ndez as Director of Sport and an assistant who left Bar a two months ago (Narc s Juli ). They criticize Bar a and now theya ve hired the head of their youth programme. Will anyone speak out and ask Florentino why Cristiano has sold his image rights to Peter Lim? Thata s not normal; it suggests that Cristiano is planning to leave.a a Santos Marquez said in an interview to AS.


Preferential treatment for players he likes

Marquez feels Perez serves out preferential treatment to players he likes personally and that he probably values Gareth Bale more than Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

a Yes, his players [get treated differently]. The squad knows who they are and so does the coach. The only clash he had with Ancelotti was over Bale. He thinks that Bale is the best in the world. He doesna t know how to take care of the Ballon da Or winner which he already has in the squad. Bale is going to play wherever he likes. Another is Benzema. He got rid of Higua n, Di Mar a, Del Bosque… none of whom were that bad, Del Bosque has won everything there is to win but what happened to him is what happened to me a hea s a not exactly a looker. So Florentino brought in a handsome bloke (Queiroz) who almost ruined the team.a a He added.

A lot of fan favourites have been sold by Real Madrid, with minimal disdain, over the years. But if he manages to do that with Cristiano Ronaldo, the lash back from the fans might be irrepressible. Moreover Marqueza s statement has just provided the media with more fodder for transfer rumours and it wona t be long before someone links Ronaldo with a move back to Manchester United.