Former Chelsea midfielder Craig Burley believes the Blues would have been better off with Jurgen Klopp, rather than the controversial Jose Mourinho.

The Chelsea boss has been involved in touchline as well as off-field antics, which has seemed to affect the champions’ performances this season. Klopp, meanwhile, was appointed as Liverpool manager earlier last week. Burley insists Chelsea should have signed the German when they had the chance.

“Klopp was out there, he was going to go to Liverpool, and Chelsea should have gone and got him. That didn’t happen and clearly it wasn’t going to happen but that was my opinion of what they should have done. I would have gone and got him”, Burley said in an interview with talkSPORT.


“I was not saying Mourinho should go because of a few bad results. I was basing it on the fact that Chelsea are a global brand and the way Mourinho was acting, behaving and speaking outside of the 90 minutes of football was dragging the club, the players and their image through the mud.

“Managers can get bad results, but Mourinho has to have a look at himself in terms of the way he handles things. It is not everyone else’s fault all the time.”

Mourinho has already been issued a fine of A?50,000 on top of a suspended one-match stadium ban following his comments after Chelsea’s defeat to Southampton. While midfielder Cesc Fabregas still believes his team can win the League, it remains quite a difficult task considering they have been able to gather just eight points in eight games so far. They host Aston Villa tomorrow, and anything but three points will be a disastrous result for the Blues.