Jose Mourinho feels that his side can beat Everton in tomorrow’s clash after a decent run of results and the return of playmaker Cesc Fabregas.

Chelsea have picked up four points in the last two games and have a decent run of fixture in the coming weeks. Mourinho said that after a couple of difficult games, Everton will once again be worthy challengers for his side, but he’s hopeful that his side will play to their best of abilities, “We had two very difficult matches against City and Villa, we have a third one now against Everton and we have to try to do the best and try to get the maximum points possible.

Everton have struggled this season after an impressive campaign last time around. The toffees are currently in 12th place after having picked up just 27 points in 24 games. Mourinho however said that they are much better than their current position, “I dona t look to the table or to the number of points, I look to the team and their quality, and they are a very good team.”

Everton and Chelsea were involved in a helter-skelter game last time at Goodison Park that Mourinho’s side won 6-3. Mourinho said, “That game was a strange game with a strange result. Ita s not even a game to analyse because it wona t be repeated. Sometimes results or matches go in a direction where ita s difficult to repeat. The game was everything but normal.

“When you chase you have to win and at the same time you have to wait for your opponent to lose points. In fact, every weekend, you play two matches a your match and the other match. When you are top you play only one match and if you win, fine. I prefer to be top of the league.

“For example, against Aston Villa, I was celebrating my victory after the match. I didna t even know the result of Man City.

Mourinho had revealed a few days ago that a seven-point lead isn’t much at this point and once again reiterated that fact, “Ia m confident we can win tomorrow. We go game after game, not thinking too far [ahead]. Seven points with 14 matches is a long way to go. We will try to be good tomorrow, play well, and try to win in front of our supporters.”

Both Chelsea and Manchester City will kick off simultaneously tomorrow. While Chelsea play at home, City have a tough away fixture at Stoke City and could drop points once again.