Liverpool FC take on newly crowned Premier League champions Chelsea in the Premier League on Sunday and Reds boss Brendan Rodgers had some warm words of appreciation for his rivals.

Jose Mourinho granted his squad up to four days off, after they clinched the Premier League title with a win over Crystal Palace last weekend.

Rodgers, whose Liverpool side is competing (if only with slim hopes) with Manchester United for a place in the Champions League next season, does not think that Chelsea’s performance will be effected due to the four day off. He also went on to claim that the Blues are the most successful team in England in the last 10 years.

Rodgers said: a If they have had a few days off, they deserve it.

a Sometimes the break can reinvigorate you. He may want to play some young players and if he does they will want to work well.

a They are top players, every game is important and they will look to win it. Over the last 10 years they have been the most successful club in the country. We are at a totally different stage and a different way of working here.

a Whatever team they play will be looking to win the game. Chelseaa s days off are an irrelevance to us. We can only control our own performance levels.

Rodgers admitted that he congratulated Jose Mourinho, someone he has previously regarded as his mentor, for the league win and said that the Blues were deserving winners. He also insisted that Liverpool were going for the win, and want to finish with as many points as they can in the remaining three games.

a I have congratulated him (Mourinho). They are deserving champions. Theya ve been the best team.

a It doesna t take away from what we are looking to do. Wea re going into the game at the weekend looking to win.

a All we can really do is control our last three games and look to win those.a