Chelsea’s chairman Bruce Buck has revealed that the club will not use the artificial crowd noise measure to increase the noise levels at Stamford Bridge.

Despite having a brilliant season so far, Chelsea’s atmosphere in the home games has been subdued this season which their manager Jose Mourinho pointed out in November after their win over QPR. There were talks about introducing the artificial noise, but Bruce Buck admitted that it would be too disrespectful to the fans.

He said, “Our manager, for some reason, decided a few months ago to say that the fans were quiet at moments.

“One of the problems is ita s very difficult to get tickets when the stadium is sold out every week. Ita s difficult to get young people to visit because ita s hard to buy tickets.

“Every club is looking to improve the match day experience, but we cana t have recorded fan noise a our fans just wouldna t accept that.

“We dona t have cheerleaders; we have to do whata s right for our home environment. You have to understand your marketplace.”

Chelsea’s home support is usually very hostile, but the fact that their team has been playing so well this season might be a reason why they have been quiet as they have preferred to admire their team’s fluid displays! Crowd favourite and manager Jose Mourinho had earlier revealed in November that he was disappointed with the support, “Everyone knows how much I feel connected to this club and the fans. At this moment it’s difficult for us to play at home, though, because playing here is like playing in an empty stadium.

“The team then starts playing like it’s a quiet, soft game at home. It’s difficult to get that strong start where the players, team and fans at Stamford Bridge (are all together).”

Despite the reports of the quietness factor in Stamford Bridge, Chelsea fans were fifth in the noise levels (measured in decibels) that were measured in late November. With key Champions League and Cup games coming up, we might see the noisy Stamford Bridge once again as they prepare to support their team in what may be a trophy-laden period. Chelsea will take on Liverpool at Anfield today, and a defeat will mean that the crowd could play a vital part in the return leg at Staford Bridge later this month.