Despite enjoying a successful period on loan in the Serie A in the second half of the 2014/2015 season, the Egyptian international has refused to join the Viola, paving the way for a permanent move from Chelsea FC to Inter Milan

The transfer saga involving Chelsea FC winger Mohamed Salah took an ugly turn yesterday, with Fiorentina releasing a statement threatening legal action against the Egyptian international, which prompted an acerbic response from Salaha s agent.

Earlier in the week, Fiorentina director Vincenzo Guerini claimed the club had made an a insanea offer to Salah and intimated that he expected that offer to be accepted. Guerini is quoted by Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport as saying, a I tell the fans that the club has made an insane offer to Salah.

a If any player, not just Salah, turned down a proposal like that, then ita s best he doesna t stay at Fiorentina. However, I think Salah will accept. He made a huge impact with us, so ita s normal that he should receive calls from elsewhere.a

It is now evident that Salah a who was expected to respond by the 30th of June a has not accepted that offer, and is instead holding out for a permanent move elsewhere. The Viola have not taken kindly to the snub, releasing an official statement regarding the situation on their club website on Friday.

The statement read . : a Through his representative, the player has rejected our improved contract offer and expressed his desire to join another club. He has also informed us that he does not intend to respond to our request for him to report back for pre-season training. As a result of the above, we have placed the matter in the hands of our lawyers so that they may assess all possible courses of action in order to protect the club’s rights.a

The other club is almost certainly Roberto Mancinia s Inter Milan, who have also been tracking the winger and have already made some ambitious signings this summer. Salaha s agent Ramy Abbas responded to Fiorentinaa s press release with one of his own.

Abbas is quoted by Italian media outlet Mediaset as saying, a Please note, in response to the Violaa s Press release that at the moment Salah is a Chelsea FC player. We referred to the document signed by all [three] parties in January, which is clear, crystal clear, and ita s regrettable that Fiorentina are now talking about legal proceedings.

a Ita s very sad to see a great club like Fiorentina make such pathetic attempts to renege on their agreements, and their written contractual obligations. Salah would like to play for a club with different moral and professional values.a

With Salah thus burning all bridges with Fiorentina, it appears as though he will get his wish to make a permanent transfer from Chelsea FC to Inter Milan.