Dark clouds have been hovering around Chelsea FC for quite some time now and with reports of discontent and mutiny spreading like wildfire, Chelsea FC midfielder Ramires took to the media to refute any claims of mutiny.

Chelsea FC suffered a spectacular meltdown at the Boleyn Ground during the weekend against West Ham United, as discipline went for a toss during the ninety minutes. The dire start to the season with only three victories in ten matches meant the media has been rife with various rumours.

The report of mutiny among Chelsea FC players is the latest to have been garnering the headlines, with Nemanja Matic, Cesar Azpilicueta, and Oscar are believed to be worst sufferers from the wrath of the manager.

Despite the rumours of mutiny, it hasna t stopped players like Diego Costa, who has publicly backed the manager, to rubbish the claims of mutiny against Mourinho. Chelsea FC midfielder Ramires was the latest to refute the claims of the squad rebellion, as he refused to lay the total blame on the manager. Ramires was quoted saying to ESPNFC.

“There’s no mutiny against Mourinho. If you take the latest games you will see that everyone is running too, giving their lives in the field.

“When the timing is bad, it is natural that negative speculations begin to appear, but the group is closed and focused on doing what Mourinho asks of us and helping Chelsea to win.

“It’s hard to find a logical explanation [for Chelsea’s slow start] for the fact the group is pretty much the same, but the important thing is that we are striving to change.”

Chelsea FC: Fragile Atmosphere .

The atmosphere at present in Cobham is pretty fragile. Despite publicly backing the manager, the undercurrent suggest a lack of trust between player and manager. Even the Chelsea FC board, who issued a public statement, are in two minds with Mourinhoa s current attitude. The board is also believed to be keeping a close eye on the image of the club.