Chelsea FC manager Jos Mourinho addressed the media in his pre-match press conference on Friday afternoon, but offered no apologies or expressions of regret for his behaviour on the touchline last weekend

The Blues’ manager began the press conference with a statement of his own, beyond which he refused to take questions from the media on the very public row between himself and his medical staff against Swansea City on the opening day of the Premier League.

There appeared to be no regret over what had occurred, with Jos Mourinho confirming that both Eva Carneiro and Joe Fearn would not be on the bench against Manchester City. The Portuguese did not, however, rule out a return for either at some point in the future.

The 52-year-old also addressed his club’s lack of transfer activity, hinting that there could still be some as the window was open, whilst insisting that Chelsea FC did not have to be a ‘champion’ of the transfer market.

“We need disagreements to improve” – Jos Mourinho

The Chelsea FC manager began by praising his medical department and highlighting the harmonious relationship he had shared with them over the past two years. He did, however, confirm that both Dr. Eva Carnerio and Joe Fearn would not be on the bench for this weekend’s high-profile clash against Manchester City.

“First of all I want to say I have a fantastic medical department with a top leader, Dr Paco Biosca,” Mourinho is quoted as saying by the Chelsea FC website. “With more than a dozen professionals between doctors, physios, masseurs and specialists in different areas. I have a very good relationship with them.

“As they tell me all the time they were never praised so much as they were by me in the last couple of years. Normally when things go well managers keep it for themselves, and when they have problems with injuries is when they speak about the medical department.

“As they also told me yesterday, we had disagreements during this period, we need disagreements to improve, we work together and we improve together. Thata s the way we do things. I want to make this very, very clear.”

Mourinho confirmed the decision to ban Carneiro and Fearn from the Chelsea FC bench was his: “With the medical department, only two go on the bench, and we are more than a dozen. Ita s important to be on the bench for some, but for others ita s more important what their contribution is behind the scenes, and what they do for the good of the team.

“Jon Fearn and Dr Carneiro will not be on the bench, but it doesna t mean Sunday is the rest of our season or the rest of our careers. They will not be on the bench on Sunday, thata s clear, thata s my decision, thata s my responsibility, but that doesna t mean they cannot be in the future.”

Lack of transfer activity not a concern for Mourinho

Chelsea FC have been uncharacteristically low-key in the transfer market till date, but when asked about the club’s transfer activity, Mourinho was quick to allay the fans’ fears.


Mourinho was quoted by the club’s official website as saying: “First of all the transfer window isna t closed, ita s open until 31 August. Secondly, you dona t always have to be a champion in the market.

“And thirdly, we do things when we think we have to do them, when we think we can do them, and when we think ita s the right moment to do them. Sometimes you have to think further ahead than the moment and many times we dona t explain anything publicly because we work inside.”

Refusal to apologise reflects poorly on Mourinho

Even though the story might have been blown out of proportion by the British media and occasionally unfairly characterised as a personal war between Dr. Eva Carneiro and Jos Mourinho, there is no doubting that the unsavoury incident last weekend does not reflect well on the Chelsea FC manager.

With footage emerging that seems to show referee Michael Oliver waving on the medical pair, there seems to be little the two could have done other than going on the pitch and treating Eden Hazard, who looked to be in genuine pain.

Mourinho might have a point when he says it was naive – in that it left Chelsea FC exposed to a counter-attack with just eight outfield players – but the public humiliation of his medical staff was uncalled for.

Jos Mourinho quite simply lost his cool in that moment and should have apologised for his behaviour towards his medical staff. Although the matter is sure to blow over now that football will once again take centre stage, it decidedly leaves behind a sour taste.