Chelsea FC manager Jos Mourinho has been singled out for criticism following the unsavoury incident against Swansea where the Portuguese was seen publicly berating his medical staff for attending to Eden Hazard in the dying stages of the game.

Although the Blues faithful are usually firmly behind their manager in good times and bad, this was a step too far for some of them. Regardless of whether or not the story has been blown out of proportion, Jos Mourinho’s very public falling out with his medical staff – and their reported demotion following that – has not been handled well by Chelsea FC.

There are now suggestions that the incident on Saturday was the straw that broke the camel’s back – the manifestation of a lack of trust and unhappiness with the Chelsea FC medical team that had been brewing beneath the surface for a while.


Even so, with Chelsea FC refusing to comment on the matter, the alleged demotion of both Eva Carneiro and Joe Fearn has left a sour taste in the Blues fans’ mouths.

Chelsea FC fans unhappy with Mourinho’s treatment of medical team

Whilst some of the Stamford Bridge faithful acknowledged that Mourinho had a valid explanation for losing his temper at his medical staff, few felt that his reaction was proportionate to the ‘crime’ or in any way appropriate.

The news in the English media of a possible demotion for Eva Carneiro and Joe Fearn has – in particular – incensed Chelsea FC fans, most of whom saw it as a punishment that was entirely disproportionate to what was a possibly naive, yet undoubtedly innocent mistake.

With the results on the pitch poor of late, the incident has only compounded the negative vibes surrounding the club, and this type of row was possibly the last thing Mourinho needed ahead of a high-profile showdown against Premier League leaders Manchester City.