Defending Champions Chelsea FC have suffered their worst start to a season in 37 years, but former Chelsea FC captain believes that Jose Mourinho has what it takes to turn around the cluba s fortunes.

Chelsea have a reputation for having a short fuse regarding their managers, since Roman Abramovich took over the reins, but issued a statement in support of Jose Mourinho in the wake of poor results. Chelsea legend Ron Harris believes that given time, Jose Mourinho would be able to turn around the fortunes of the club.

Harris, who holds the record for most appearances in a Chelsea shirt, believes that Mourinho, despite coming to the forefront for a number of wrong reasons this season, is the best candidate for the job. Mourinhoa s winning attitude will help Chelsea FC overcome their troubles.

“They’ve had one or two important decisions go against them and it’s only natural people get a bit irate,” Harris told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Sportsweek programme(via Daily Mail).


“Jose has always been a winner and, if he sits down and thinks about it today, maybe he could have handled it in a different manner. He most probably regrets it.

“Let’s be fair, if you look at his track record where ever he’s been, you don’t become a bad manager after 10 games, I do the hospitality at the club and I’ve not seen too many people at Chelsea moaning and groaning.

“Maybe they are disappointed with the results, but I’m sure Jose will turn that around.”

Disappearing Act

The top creative players for Chelsea FC have been found wanting this season, after winning the title last year. Most players have performed an almost magical disappearing act, Cesc Fabregas and Belgian Eden Hazard leading from the front in this. Both of them are yet to contribute meaningfully to this season’s campaign. The duo of Fabregas and Hazard had been the main creative spark for Chelsea last season, have failed to create any real moment of inspiration this season.

Mourinhoa s Third Season

The Blues have made a dire start to their season, losing five of their 10 Premier League games, with their misery further compounded by the loss to West Ham on Saturday. Mourinho, frustated by the recent results, did himself no favour by confronting referee Jonathan Moss, forcing Moss to send him off.

Media outlets have elaborately detailed Josea s third-season syndrome as one of the prime reasons behind the club’s sudden loss of form. Josea s siege mentality seems to have gone past its expiry date for Chelsea and a sack might be impending.