Even as Chelsea FC reportedly chase their captain’s long-term replacement in Everton youngster John Stones, John Terry has accepted that he is not irreplaceable for the Blues

The Chelsea FC defence has been the subject of particular criticism following the Blues’ 2-2 draw against Swansea City, and the amount of times Gary Monk’s side were able to get in behind Jos Mourinho’s defence would have been of great concern to the Portuguese.

The leader of the under-fire defence – John Terry – has spoken out about his desire to carry on his form from last season, and has acknowledged that he is not irreplaceable for the Blues as they attempt to defend their Premier League crown.

“I’m not naive enough to think I’m irreplaceable” – John Terry

The former England captain has revealed how he spends his time during international breaks, and insists that he does not take his place for granted in Mourinho’s Chelsea FC starting line-up.

Speaking to London’s Evening Standard, Terry said: “People said that because I am no longer playing for England it means I am not doing so much and not travelling. If anything, during the international breaks, I probably train harder than I ever do. There are no days off for me.

a I enjoy going into the training ground, getting on the treadmill and doing some extra work. I will continue to do that same regime this season and hope it serves me well.a

The Chelsea FC legend was keen to stress that his hunger for the game is just the same as it ever was. “For me, whata s next is to keep playing,” Terry said. “When that hunger goes, that drive to get out of bed to win trophies, I will hang up my boots.

a But it is as fresh as it always was, ita s the same as when I was 17 or 18 and, with that in mind, I will keep fighting. Ia m still here. I showed that form last season and I need to do that again. I know that if I dona t, the manager will take me out of the side and replace me with somebody else. Ia m not naive enough to think Ia m irreplaceable.”

Terry is irreplaceable for Chelsea FC

Although Chelsea FC fans will be delighted to hear the unassuming John Terry speak openly about how ‘hungry’ he still is and that he is not irreplaceable, the fact remains that the Blues’ captain is, for the moment, exactly that – irreplaceable.

Not only does Jos Mourinho not have anyone of the same quality in his squad, but also nobody near his experience at the highest level. The harsh reality is that Gary Cahill is likely not in the long-term plans of the club, which means that reinforcement at centre-back is essential.

That is where the likes of Kurt Zouma – and if he signs, John Stones – come in. Although Terry might not continue to maintain his playing levels to meet Mourinho’s exacting standards, his presence at the club and in the first-team squad simply cannot be replicated.


Even if he does choose to hang up his boots in the near future, Chelsea FC must ensure that he is involved with the club in some capacity – helping the Blues’ young centre-backs to reach the soaring heights he has during his magnificent career.