Chelsea FC defender Gary Cahill has stated his indifference to cynics who criticized the London cluba s style of play during the title winning campaign last season.

Chelsea ended up with the Premier League title with a comfortable lead over second placed Manchester City in the end. They also lifted the league cup to complete a domestic double, but despite such success, they have still managed to attract some cynicism.

Like a lot of Jose Mourinhoa s side in the past, the reigning Premier League champions has faced criticism on their style of football. Chelsea played a more adventurous brand of football in the first half of the season, but were a bit conservative as the season towards the final phase. Gary Cahill however isna t bothered by these opinions and insisted that people who praised them at the start of the campaign, changed their opinion quite quickly.

a Honestly, it goes in one ear and out the other,

a At the beginning of the season with Chelsea we were playing really good attacking football and being praised. Then, after one or two games, people changed their opinion of us.a a The Chelsea defender said in an interview.

The England national team has faced similar criticism at times, but the 29-year-old believes that the most important thing is to keep winning games. The Three Lions are currently unbeaten in their qualifying matches for Euro 2016 and have been in good form since their World Cup exit.

a Football is all about opinions. England have been criticised as well but if you keep clean sheets, win games no one says anything a and then something doesna t go to plan and people chirp up.


a The answer on both fronts is to keep winning, keep doing what we have been doing this season.a a He added.