Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has been under immense pressure, of late, due to his team’s poor performances, and it has been showing on the Portuguese, who has gone on a referee-abusing spree in the media. However, the most recent victim of Mourinho’s ire seems to be the media…and a young Chelsea FC fan.

In a recent revelation, a video released on the social media shows the Chelsea FC manager shoving a teenaged fan, as the latter was trying to get a picture with the Portuguese.

In the above video, Mourinho seemed to be on a personal call, while walking on the sidewalk, in London. The teenaged boy was trying to get a selfie-video of the Chelsea FC manager and himself. However, Mourinho did not seem to be in a mood to be entertaining fans, at that moment, and appeared to have shoved the young man.

Mourinho came under heavy criticism after the video was released on The Sun and The Independent . , and this seemed to have drawn the ire of the Chelsea FC manager.

a You dona t get good and funny headlines from me. Because I’m going to treat your bosses the same way they treat me: no respect, no respect,” Mourinho was quoted saying in the Daily Star.

a Ia m not talking about football. In football I’m ready to be criticised, even the stupid ones,” continued Mourinho. “Private life, stupid things you bring to light, I don’t like it. So we go to a different level of professional relations.a

The Chelsea FC manager has been under a lot of pressure form the media and from fans, due to his side’s disastrous start to the season, and has had to take to criticising referees, in the aftermath of bad performances by his team.

Throughout all this, he has been more-or-less supported by the Chelsea FC faithful, and the management. However, it would be interesting to see what the reaction of the Chelsea faithful is, after revelations of their manager shoving one of their fellow fans.