Chelsea FC are not really having the best time in the league right now, and this was exemplified by their 1-0 loss to AFC Bournemouth at home.


On the pitch, everything seems to be going wrong for the Blues right now. However, off the pitch, they still seem to be doing the magical things that is expected of the defending Premier League champions (if we can call them that anymore).

Chelsea FC midfielder Ramires has not really seen much action on the pitch this season. However, off the pitch, he seems to be doing quite well.

In this video clip from a training session in a gym, Ramires makes his teammate Kennedy stand at the other end of the room with a football over his head. The goal for Ramires was to hit the football on Kennedy’s head with another ball at his own feet.


The Brazilian executed this with perfection. Manager Jose Mourinho must be wondering, if only he could produce this form on the pitch.