Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho finally ended his media blackout ahead of Saturday’s clash against Aston Villa but revealed that he wasn’t happy about appearing in front of the press after what has happened in the last few weeks.

Mourinho first lines in the press conference hinted that he was appearing reluctantly in front of the press, “You know why I’m here, so you cannot expect me to be super happy to be here.

The Chelsea boss was punished by the FA after his ‘campaign’ comments late last year and when he was asked about another possible fine that could take place if he continued his media blackout, Mourinho replied, “You know, the only surprise I had, in relation to that, was for it not to be punished when I was pushed by another manager. Apart from that, I can expect anything.”

Mourinho was also asked as to why there were no words from his side prior and post the Manchester City game which was a huge game in context of the title race. He commented, “You can make a silence very noisy. You could make noise with my silence, it depends on you. If I was a journalist I could make from silence, lots of words.”

The Portuguese did not seem to be in a good mood and was asked if he was enjoying his return to English football which in fairness hasn’t been as good as he would have liked. However, he responded in a positive way and said, “Ia m enjoying my work with my players. When I like my players and like my squad, Ia m much more happy. More motivated to work. And this is the case.”

When Mourinho was asked about FA’s decision on handing Diego Costa a three-game ban, Mourinho refused to answer the question and hinted that it could land him in further trouble, “Not just. I don’t reflect. I don’t even think about it because maybe they [the FA] can read my reflection and I don’t want [that].”

He refused to talk about Aston Villa but said that Cesc Fabregas was fit to start against Villa after missing last week’s game against Manchester City. “I don’t have to talk about Aston Villa,” he said.

Mourinho has never beaten Aston Villa at Villa Park, but with Paul Lambert’s side struggling to score goals this season, Chelsea could just end that run especially when they have it all to lose at this point.