Cesc Fabregas is reportedly all set to sue former Chelsea FC man Pat Nevin for a comment that the latter had made, suggesting that the Spaniard did not want to win games for Chelsea FC as long as Jose Mourinho was at the helm.

The rumour that one of the Chelsea FC players had actually said that he did not want to win games for Jose Mourinho was first reported by Garry Richardson, who is the presenter of BBC Radio Four’s flagship Today programme, earlier this year.

In a live interview with Nevin, Richardson again brought up the topic of the Chelsea FC player who allegedly did not want to win matches for Mourinho, last week. Nevin on his part, surprised everyone by seemingly suggesting that it was Fabregas, who was the main mutineer at Stamford Bridge.

“Yeah, that was Cesc Fabregas, wasn’t it,” said Nevin, when the topic was brought up.

Now, the retired Chelsea FC and Scotland winger is being sued by Fabregas on a defamation case, according to the Daily Mail.

Nevin plied his trade at Stamford Bridge for five years in the 1980s and is now a football pundit on Chelsea TV, where he analyses the Blues and their matches.

Nevin apologises

However, Nevin himself seems to have realised the magnitude of his words and has sent out a public apology on his twitter account, saying that his words were taken out of context and “misconstrued totally”.