Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas’ parents have blasted president Florentino Perez and have slammed the club letting the goalkeeper join a ‘Segunda B division’ like side FC Porto rather than “better sides” like FC Barcelona.

In an extraordinary interview to the El Mundo, parents of departing Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas have accused Real Madrid president Florentino Perez of running a campaign to force out the legendary stopper.

“The big campaign against our son was started by Florentino back in 2010.”

“Lorenzo Sanz and CalderA?n treated Iker fairly, but Florentino P rez did not. This President never wanted him just because he’s short. He was obsessed about signing Buffon. Iker handled the situation as good as he could, other players were protected way better. Everybody’s been unfair to him during these last five years and it affected him mentally.”

“We are not planning to go to his testimonial because we don’t want to participate in that fake show arranged by Florentino to show that he treated our son fairly when it is not like that. We will only go if our son wants us to go. I’m jealous to see the way Pirlo left Juventus and I don’t understand why they haven’t done the same thing with my son.”


Iker Casillas will join Portuguese side FC Porto after 725 games in the all-white of Real Madrid, and the mother of the player is less than impressed.

“FC Porto is like a Segunda DivisiA?n B team and our son deserves a better club like FC Barcelona”, said Casillas’ mother only to be immediately corrected Casillas Sr, knowing that such a statement would not go down well with his son’s new club, “Don’t say that about Porto, I respect them. It’s true that he deserved a club like United or PSG, but it’s not right to say that about Porto,”

Casillas’ parents also went onto reveal that they filed a lawsuit against the club due to issues related to the stoppers last contract extension.

However, Iker Casillas and his parents do not have a good relationship right now, according to the keeper’s parents. “I don’t talk with my son anymore”, said his father, “but I want the best for him and I don’t want to see him broke like it’s happening to some football legends”.

When asked about Diego LA?pez and David De Gea, Casillas parents said: “Diego LA?pez is not a better goalkeeper than my son. And you know that Mendes is De Gea’s agent, he rules Real Madrid, so there you have it.”

Iker Casillas, one would imagine, will not be too pleased with the comments of his parents.