Former Arsenal FC striker Ian Wright seems to be incensed with the Manchester United’s inability to turn defence into attacks quickly, and score the crucial goals, most of which have been elusive to them, this season.


Wright even says that the fans can now afford to go out and get themselves something to eat, without missing anything in particular, during a Manchester United match.

“These days you can nip out to buy a pie and a cuppa and theya ll still be building the same attack when you return to your seat,” wrote Wright in his column in The Sun. “LVGa s [Louis van Gaal] stars are too keen to turn back towards their own goal, rather than press forward, and that will never be accepted by United fans.”

The Red Devils have been struggling in front of goal so far this season, resorting to long bouts of possession, with no real end-result in sight. This has drawn a lot of criticism from the Manchester United fans, who have been pampered with fast and free-flowing style of play under the long reign of Sir Alex Ferguson.

“How many times in the past were United defending a corner or free-kick one minute and celebrating a quickfire breakaway goal the next,” wrote Wright. “It became such a standing joke in their games that commentators would often say ‘so-and-soa s in trouble now theya ve got a corner!’

Et tu Louis?’

A lot of comparisons might have come to Wright’s mind, but the former Arsenal FC striker chose to compare Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal to Julius Caesar, a famous character from Shakespearean play ‘Julius Caesar’, that was based on the ancient Roman ruler of the same name.

“If you play for United, youa re expected to do things in a certain way and that includes the boss,” he wrote. “But stubborn Van Gaal reminds me of Julius Caesar. Lots of people are telling him how it should be done and he is not prepared to listen to any of them.”

It shall be interesting to see who turns out to be the Brutus at the ‘Theater’ of Dreams.