The complete breakdown of defending Premier League champions Chelsea FC is something that has baffled one and all in the world of football. However, this kind of disintegration is not something that is completely unheard of in the sport.


In fact, it was only last year that German giants Borussia Dortmund were facing a similar crisis, hovering around the relegation zone until the Christmas break. While the then Dortmund (and now Liverpool FC) manager Jurgen Klopp did manage to turn things around for the club in the second half of the season, it remains to be seen what Chelsea FC boss Jose Mourinho does.

Wednesday nighta s 2-1 victory against Dynamo Kyiv was a bit of a reassurance by the West London club that they still have the grit and determination to go out there and win the matches when they really need to. Anything but a win would have put the Blues in a rather tight spot in Group G, with just two more matches to go.

However, while the Stamford Bridge crowd happily cheered their team and their manager during and after the game, the West London side was still lacking some of the key elements that made them champions last season.

Defence: Chelsea FCa s strongest suit doing them in?

Dynamo Kyiv vs Chelsea

Chelsea FC have been uncharacteristically weak in defense this season, which has denied their midfielders a base to hold on to, in dark times.

Defence is something that Chelsea FC have always been good at, over the last decade or so. In fact, in times of similar crises, it was their defence that held firm, giving all the other failing departments something to hold on to.

This season however, even that seems to have gone wrong for Chelsea FC, as they try to haul themselves out of an unfamiliar bottom half of the table. This failure in defence was quite evident, in fact, even in the slender win against Dynamo Kyiv, when a moment of madness nearly handed the Ukrainian side a point from the match.

Asmir Begovic was probably not expecting to get so many matches for the Blues when he signed for them as the second choice goalkeeper, but a knee injury to Thibaut Courtois has given the Bosnian keeper the opportunity to play every game.

However, his performance even against Dynamo left much to be desired, as his lack of judgement in the 78th minute handed Alexander Dragovic an open goal to aim at, and put his side level on terms with Chelsea FC.

The Dynamo forwards attacked from Kurt Zoumaa s side in the second half, and found themselves through on several occasions. On one such occasion, it took a brilliant last-ditch tackle by the 21-year-old to keep Artem Kravets from bulging the Chelsea FC net.

Hazarda s poor form improving?

Dynamo Kyiv vs Chelsea

Hazard showed glimpses of his good form, but he is still far from what he was last season.

Although there were a lot of jokes cracked on Chelsea FCa s Belgian winger Eden Hazard, it was a free-kick earned by him that gave Willian the chance to score the brilliant goal from the free kick.

Apart from that, he also looked to be more lively form the left wing than he has been on previous occasions this season. This could be a sign of turning fortunes for the West London side, and if their star man returns to form, they could probably once again be the formidable force they once were.

To top that off, Willian, who seems to be in the form of his life, would have another creative player to get support from if Hazard is indeed on his way back to form. This could mean good news for striker Diego Costa, and could pull the struggling midfield out of their present rut.

Fabregas still not out of early-season blues

Chelsea v Dynamo Kiev

Cesc Fabregas is still not performing up to the mark.

The Spaniard was one of the best midfielders last season, but has been way short of his usual high standards this time round, and that was quite evident yet again against Dynamo. He was being played behind the striker, which is not exactly a position he prefers, but in Mourinhoa s defence, the 28-year-old has not been performing well in his more comfortable role as that of a central midfielder either.

Fabregasa inability to get on to the end of crosses and cut-backs from Willian on Wednesday night was testament to the fact that he is still not back in full swing. It would be unfair to attribute his performance entirely to the fact that he was not being played from central midfield, as he has shown his versatility playing as a withdrawn forward for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national side previously.

Mourinho and players still have the crowd support

Chelsea v Dynamo Kiev

The Chelsea FC faithful still believe in the Special One, and this could play a big part in a potential turnaround (without any sacking).

The Stamford Bridge faithful are not exactly known for their patience, especially when things are going wrong (much like their owner Roman Abramovich). Thus, it is a bit surprising to see that they have shown full support for their manager and his team, even when the Bridge seems to be a falling downa .

The large banner with Mourinhoa s picture and the words a One of usa seems to reaffirm the supportersa faith in their favourite manager, who acknowledged their support on Wednesday night by waving to them.

Although it is not clear whether the Chelsea FC board is completely convinced that Mourinho is doing everything he possibly can for the club, the fans are certainly behind the self-proclaimed a Special Onea .

This victory against Dynamo Kyiv is absolutely no indication that Chelsea FCa s blues are over. However, there have been promising signs on which they could reconstruct their season, and try to move up to a more familiar position in the table.