Andre Schurrle, after his departure from Stamford Bridge last winter, has established himself as a humdinger of winger at Wolfsburg, but stated in an interview with the Times that he had lost the trust of then-manager Jose Mourinho towards the end of his Chelsea career.

The German conjurer, despite his premature exit, claimed that he had had a decent stint at the London club and held on to the ethics of sportsmanship as he neither blamed the manager for the injustice nor let himself down at any point.

The 24-year-old, besides admitting the difficulty in bidding adieu to a club of the stature of Chelsea, seems to believe that his decision to become a part of the Volkswagen Arena roster has been successful so far even though the numbers beg to differ.

“I had a good time at Chelsea and was accepted in the team, so it’s difficult to explain why I left,” Andre Schurrle told The Times. “My performances were good as well, but there was a time in my second season when I felt I didn’t have the manager’s trust anymore and I didn’t play many matches from the start.

“I don’t know why Mourinho didn’t trust me. It all felt a bit weird to me. I started a few games, was on the bench for a few, then started some more. It was up and down the whole time. I had a lot of good talks with the manager and respect him a lot, as he told me to my face what he wanted me to do. I had some very good games, but there was often an ordinary game soon afterwards as well.

“I didn’t get any consistency from the manager so found it hard to produce my best. That’s probably the biggest reason I wanted to leave. It was difficult to leave, but when I had the chance to come back to Germany to join an awesome club like Wolfsburg I felt it was a good decision.” .

With the Premier League champions struggling in the bottom half of the table, their Portuguese manager could actually do with an Andre Schurrle, but the sights of the World Cup winner should be set on his nascent Champions League fixture against Manchester United on Wednesday night.