Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed that the club will not sell Raheem Sterling in the coming season. Raheem Sterling’s future with the club is under speculation since the time he had revealed that he would not sign a contract extension and instead move out of the club. Sterling’s agent too had said yesterday that his client will certainly leave the club this summer.

Brendan Rodgers has dismissed such claims and strongly reiterated that the player has a contract till 2017 and he will not be released until then.

Rodgers said: “Ita s very difficult to comment on what other people speak about. We have always been clear. It will always be dealt with internally.”

“We look to do thing privately. The concentration for myself is to continue to improve Raheem as a footballer.”

“Whether there are talks or not, he has two years left and I expect him to be here. It is quite simple.”

“The ownership have shown their strength in their time here. They have done an incredible job to stabilize the club.”

“In this situation, they will show that strength and power to the club. The simple fact is Raheem has two years left on his contract.”

On asked if Sterling will feature Liverpool’s squad on Sunday in the last Premier League game against Stoke City, Rodgers added, “What he said and didna t say will remain private.”

“Whatever conversation I have had with a player will remain private. I am not going to sit here and reveal what went on.”

“I dona t see Raheem being unhappy. His representative made it very clear he wanted to speak at the end of the season. Ia m sure talks will take place over the summer”

“If he is fit, which he is at the moment, then he will be available for selection on Sunday. My relationship with him has not been affected.”

“We have given Raheem an opportunity to play for one of the greatest clubs in the world.”

“We want to resolve the situation but it does not change my approach to him. He is a good kid who has matured over the last few years.”

“If he starts or doesna t start, he will get the support from the fans.”