After Diego Costa’s antics with Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourdinho, stand-in captain Branislav Ivanovic has come out and warned all his teammates to put the team ahead of anything else, in the club.

Costa was left out of Chelsea FC’s starting XI against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, after a little spat with Mourinho during the midweek Champions League match against Maccabi Tel-Aviv, which the Blues won 4-0.

The Spain international striker did not show up to Sunday’s pre-match warmup, ahead of the Spurs game. He did come out to warm up in the second half, but on learning that he would not be used as a substitute in a match that was goalless, the fuming 27-year-old returned to the Chelsea FC, and took off his training bib, to hurl it in Mourinho’s direction.

a This is important. When we start losing we all know ita s not about the one or two players playing badly or playing well a ita s about the team,” Ivanovic was quoted saying in the Daily Mirror. a I expect Diego to come back strongly. We start the season as a team and we have to finish as a team.

a Diego didna t play against Tottenham but hea ll be ready for the next game.,” continued Ivanovic.

Costa to face the Mourinho blues?


While Jose Mourinho did not make much of Costa’s actions, not in front of the press at least, it remains uncertain for how long he would be kept out of action from this Chelsea FC team.

Mourinho did go on to say after the match that his team had played their best football this season in the Tottenham Hotspur mach, which could be interpreted as a subtle nudge at Costa, who has been out of form, scoring just one goal in eight Premier League appearances.

It would be interesting to see whether these turn of events leads the Spain international to work harder and regain his form, or whether it leads to his exit from Stamford Bridge.