Real Madrid manager Rafael Benitez has refused to be drawn into a battle of words with Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho.


War of words

In the past couple of days, Rafael Beniteza s wife Montserrat Seara and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho have been involved in a slug-fest of words, which eventually turned ugly. Montserrat started the war of words, when she joked about how her husband cleans up the mess Mourinho leaves behind. Benitez has managed in three of Jose Mourinhoa s former clubs so far a Inter Milan, Chelsea and now Real Madrid.

The Portuguese manager didna t find Montserrata s remark funny and he responded in kind. Mourinho pointed out that Montserrat is factually incorrect as Inter Milan were the only club where Benitez was a direct replacement for him. The Guardian quoted him as saying that Benitez destroyed Inter Milan in six months . , which according to him was the best team in Europe at that time. But Mourinho didna t stop there and went on to suggest that Montserrat should a take care of her husbanda s dieta , instead of speaking about him.

Benitez insists on talking only about football

Mourinhoa s last statement created lot of noise in the social media, but Rafael Benitez has refused to drag this war of words any further. The Real Madrid manager was asked to respond to Mourinhoa s statement in a press conference which was held after a training session in Shanghai, but Benitez insisted he only wants to talk about football.

I’m the Real Madrid coach. I like football. I understand football and that’s why I only talk about football. We’re here to prepare for tomorrow’s game and I only want to talk about Real.” a The Real Madrid manager was quoted as saying by Spanish newspaper Marca.

It was perhaps wise of former Liverpool boss to sidestep the question and concentrate only on Real Madrid at the moment. Someone had to draw the line as this altercation was turning unpleasant for everyone involved.