Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola has claimed that his primary aim is to be loved, not win trophies. Franz Beckenbauer however warned that fans will love him when he wins trophies.


Pep Guardiola is widely considered as one of the best manager in the history of the game, certainly one of the most successful managers by all means. The Spaniard enjoyed a trophy-laden career with Barcelona as a player and has carried that knack of winning silverwares in his managerial career.

The 44-year-old replaced Jupp Heynckes, a successful manager in his own rights, at Bayern Munich in 2013 and the German club have dominated the Bundesliga under him. But the former Barcelona midfielder has failed emulate Hynckesa success in Europe. Bayern Munich were knocked out by eventual champions Barcelona last season, and this has divided opinions among the Bayern fans about Pepa s impact at the club. Guardiola has however insisted that his primary aim is to be loved, not win trophies.

“I do all I am doing in my life to be loved. My ambition is not to win titles. I am looking for love, nothing more.

“I read in an article by an American educationalist that a child won’t learn if it does not feel empathy with the teacher. I try to use that in my work.

“Often a player feels bad because he thinks the coach does not like him and not because he is not playing.

“I had a great player once who did not score. We went to a cafe together to talk. Not about football but about life. In the next match, this player scored two of our four goals. He felt special because he felt loved.a a The Bayern Munich manager said in a charity event.

Bayern Munich legend Franz Beckenbauer has however warned Guardiola that the fans will love him only when he wins trophies. The former German international has hoped that Guardiola undertakes the responsibility of building a new squad from the scratch, but warned that the Bundesliga will be more competitive next season.

a Love is the biggest thing one can achieve. He will get the fans’ love when he wins trophies

a If he does not win any silverware, which I cannot really see happening, love will become just affection.’

a The Bundesliga will be much tigher than in the past two seasons, when Bayerrn were well on top,

a Wolfsburg have shown that they can fight for top honours. Dortmund will be back next season. I hope Schalke will be strong once more. And then there’s Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Monchengladbach.

a There will be more contenders for the Bundesliga title.a a The former Bayer Munich star said in an interview to TZ.