24-year old Spanish midfielder Sergi Guardiola has had his contact terminated by Barcelona mere hours after signing for them because of anti-Catalan statements found on his twitter account.

Guardiola, who is not related to his more illustrious namesake Pep, had just signed a contract for Barcelona B, before the club discovered tweets that were offensive to the club and to Catalonia. The tweets also contained the slogan ‘Hala Madrid’, which is used to express support for their bitter rivals Real Madrid.

Here are some of the offensive tweets in question.

Shortest Barcelona career of all time

The midfielder was signed on the afternoon of the 29th of December, but lasted only till the evening before his contract was terminated. He has thus earned himself a record as having the shortest career at Barcelona of all time.

Guardiola spoke out on Spanish Radio Station Cope, saying “I know I made a mistake. I apologise to Catalonia and Barcelona. I understand the decision, Ia d do the same. I want to make clear I didna t write those tweets. A friend took my phone and did it. Ita s a misunderstanding. The tweets are from 2013, a joke from a friend, I didna t even know the tweets existed.” [via: The Guardian]

Well that’s that for this Guardiola, and it looks like he won’t be having a long and storied career at Camp Nou like his namesake Pep.