The purported fight between Barcelona manager Luis Enrique and star Lionel Messi did happen, revealed Jeremy Mathieu.

According to the defender, both the manager and the player did have the face off on the training ground, which he confirmed in an interview to a French Radio.

“It happened when we got back from our holidays. Suddenly, Leo lost his temper after a foul that was not given in training,” Mathieu told RMC. “Things got tense and they exchanged some angry words.
“Luis Enrique then approached him in the dressing room afterwards to talk to him and that was the end of it.”

So, while the fight did take place between the two, it wasna t exactly the great debacle that the media made it out to be, only a difference in opinion among 2 top professionals who want to do their best for the club. Mathieu confirmed the same, saying, “These kinds of things happen everywhere, but it’s made out to be a major thing because we are Barcelona,” the centre-half stated. “Things get blown out of proportion and that’s the problem.”

However, it wasna t exactly a small thing as the fuss kicked up by the Argentina captain led to the Barcelona president calling in early elections. There was a lot of speculation regarding Messi making a move to another club, especially the English Premier League. When he started following various Chelsea players on Social Media platforms, it was a field day for media outlets, with many stories being spun about what it all means and which club can afford the superstar. This was especially relevant considering there was going to be a transfer ban imposed on the club for a year and that would mean Messi wouldna t be able to make a move even if he wanted to

However, all that died down soon enough, and the Barcelona superstar has gone back to doing what he does best, perform at the top level for his club. There was a time when Messia s form wasna t great and this was linked to the differences he seemed to have with the manager, but all that seems to be in the background now, with both the player and the team playing well, even going past Atletico Madrid in the Copa del Rey.

Their chances of regaining the league title are still very much realistic, and they are not too far away from Real Madrid with many more games still to play.