Barcelonaa s former manager Tata Martino opened up about his time at the Spanish club.

Martino revealed that he was not happy during his time at the club, and the current Argentina coach gave the reasons behind it.

a These are the feelings after 10 months of work and analysing everything,a he began, AS reports.

a How was my arrival, with time to prepare for all the competitions and every day there? After all, Ia m encouraged to express what happened.

a I felt I couldna t improve this fantastic team and I wasna t happy at reaching one of the biggest clubs in the world.

a [The current Barca] is a much improved version. They dona t create as much as a team but they have a very high level of attackers who can decide a game. The team evolves over time and players need replacing.

He also talked about two important Barcelona players, Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano.

Martino said, a There are two beneficial things happening with Messi and Mascherano. Leo starts on the right side and Mascherano is being played in midfield. And thata s good.

a Before Masche only played at centre-back and came to the national team to play in midfield.

a Messia s been fine in 2015. To talk about what happens in the locker room without being in there is difficult. Hea s getting the ball, competing, creating goals, and involved to the benefit of everyone.a

Martino also talked about Barcelonaa s game against Manchester City in the Champions League, saying he understood how Messi must be feeling after his penalty miss.

a I can imagine his anger. I didna t think the referee was going to allow the rebound as time was up,a he added.

a Barcelona won well, had a great first half, and have a good advantage for the return.a

Tata Martino spent only a season at Barcelona, when he replaced Tito Vilanova. He had a great start to his Barcelona career, becoming the first manager of the club to go unbeaten in their first 16 games, a record which stretched to 21 when they finally lost to Ajax in the Champions League. It went downhill from thereon as Barcelona failed to win any major title that season, barring the Spanish Super Cup, leading to his resignation at the end of the season.