Right-back Daniel Alves recently stated that he hates the world of football and will not be involved in the game anymore after his retirement.

While most players from Brazil are known for their love of the beautiful game, it looks like one of their national team players doesn’t want anything to do with football anymore. Barcelona’s 32-year-old defender Dani Alves has recently claimed that he hates football and wants to be free to lead his own life soon.

a I hate everything that surrounds football. I live in this world, but I do not feel I belong to it.” Alves said, according to The Sun.

a I have a life and have other interests. I have flaws, but I am honest. Sometimes, I think that people are not prepared to listen and discuss truths… My life is free. I have rules to follow in football, but I feel free to play and to create.a , he added.

No more football for Alves

While most players choose to remain associated with the game in some way or another after retiring, Alves says that he will try his best to avoid football, although he will have to watch it sometimes.

a When I leave football, I will put on a backpack and travel the world. It will be inevitable to watch some football, but I wona t live in it.a , he said.

Brazilian Blues .

The 32-year old full-back has certainly had a stellar career as a footballer though, having won several trophies during his time at Barcelona including the La Liga title and the UEFA Champions League. He’s the second Barcelona player in the current squad to reveal that he doesn’t think much of football when not playing, after fellow Brazilian Neymar Jr.

This can’t help but make one wonder what’s going wrong in the South American country which has produced some of the best footballers in the world, for their current batch of players to have such dislike towards the beautiful game, which was also the source of their livelihood.