Jose Mourinho can sometimes go overboard with his criticism of certain players, and that could actually do more harm than good, believes former Chelsea FC fullback Filipe Luis.


Luis, who had transferred to Chelsea FC at the start of the 2014/15 season, decided to head back to Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2015, after just a year at the west-London club.

a He has his way of talking to the press, especially when the team loses, which can sometimes be damaging to certain players,a said Luis, according to Yahoo Sports. a Some players benefit from criticism but for others they dona t.a

He further said, a Sometimes hea s right and sometimes hea s not. Sometimes people think what he says is absurd and sometimes they agree with him. Ita s the way he is and the way he works a I see it as normal.a

However, Luis did praise the a Special Onea for the special attention he gives to every detail on and off the pitch. This, he feels, has helped the players in dealing with the opposition teams.

a He studies the rival teams a lot and tells the team what could happen during a match so you go into it knowing what will happen and nothing really surprises you,a said Luis.

Luis considers his time at Chelsea FC a success

Luis played second fiddle to first-choice left-back Cesar Azpilicueta for much of his time at the club, but he considers his time in England as a success. He mainly attributes this success to the fact that he has been able to win two prestigious trophies in his one season.

a I consider my time with Chelsea a personal triumph. In one year I won two titles a one being the Premier League,a he said. a I have a trophy at home that not many people have and in possibly the most competitive league in the world.

a Every day, after every training session and every match, I went home satisfied knowing that I had done my best.a

However, Luis has now moved back to Atletico Madrid, where he is again trying to challenge traditional giants Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona for the La Liga title.

The 30-year-old Brazilian already seems to have cemented his place at Altetico with nine La Liga appearances, and is also a regular member in the Brazilian national team. With Chelsea FCa s current misfortunes, it would be interesting to see whether he really hopped out of a sinking ship at the perfect time.