Astronomers in European Southern Observatory (ESO) have named a newly discovered Galaxy ‘CR7’, believed to be the brightest object found in the early universe, after Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo .

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo continues to shine the brightest with another feather in his cap as a galaxy is to be named after him – ‘CR7’.

The nickname ‘CR7’ was synonymous with the Real Madrid star when he was at Manchester United and went onto become ‘CR9’ with Real Madrid, reflecting his initials and shirt number.

However, it now has astronomical connotations with the ESO naming a new galaxy in the Real Madrid star’s honour, describing it as the brightest to be found in the early universe.

The CR7 epithet, in astronomical terms, stands for Cosmic Redshift 7 – a method of measuring a celestial body’s place along the timescale of the universe.

The discovery came after a new expansive study of the skies – aimed at discovering ancient stars known as Population III stars, which were formed very early after the Big Bang – and it is hoped CR7 will help scientists understand how early elements came into being.

“Those stars were the ones that formed the first heavy atoms that ultimately allowed us to be here. It doesna t really get any more exciting than this,” said team leader David Sobral.

Well, Real Madrid’s ‘Galactico’ era might be over, but, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to prove that he is from another galaxy. All hail!