Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has received a lot of backing from the Chelsea FC players and management over the past few days. Latest to join the chorus is goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, who has hailed the manager as “world’s best”.

Chelsea FC have made the worst start to their season in 37 years as they lie in the 16th position in the table, with just 8 points in 8 games.

Manager Jose Mourinho has received a wave of support from everyone at the club to get the team out of the troubled start they have made.

Begovic reveals Mourinho’s role in helping Chelsea recover from the poor start

The current Chelsea FC stopper has revealed how the Portuguese is helping the squad to improve their performances, labeling him the best manager in the world in the process.

“Hea s not happy, of course. He doesna t want to lose. He wouldna t have won all the trophies he has, and become the best manager in the world, to be happy with how things are going,a Begovic was quoted saying by the Guardian.


a But at the same time he has kept calm, tried to keep things on the ground, make sure we dona t feel sorry for ourselves, and pick things up. Ita s a long season, we know in football these things happen, even to the best teams; we need to keep fighting and hopefully things will turn for us, our performances and our luck.a

a Thata s the only comforting thing: we have the best manager in the world. We believe in him and he believes in us. We will turn things around.a

Chelsea FC are locked in the 16th place with 8 points and are already 10 points behind leaders Manchester City, despite the Citizens losing two games this season. The situation the Portuguese finds himself in is probably the first of it’s kind, with his record of getting the best out of his player impeccable.

While there have been minor hiccups in his first reign at Chelsea FC and at Real Madrid during the final season, the scale of task that awaits Jose Mourinho at the Blues this time around this time will reveal a lot about how good a manager he is.