AS Roma player Radja Naingffolan was at the centre of a confusion, when he was mistakenly reported to the Police as a possible terrorist on Thursday.

Since the Paris attack, Europe has been on the edge and on Thursday, the anxiousness again came to the forefront when AS Roma and Belgium midfielder Radja Nainggolan was mistaken for a terrorist by guests at Raddison in Antwerp.

Nainggolan, a local lad of Antwerp, was spending some time with his family after Belgiuma s international friendly with Spain was called off following the Paris attack, was at the centre of utter confusion, as guests in Hotel Raddison were alarmed with Nainggolana s hat and tattoos.

The Belgian police were quick to responded after being informed of a possible terrorist at the hotel but the police recognised the footballer and put a stop to the confusion. Once the situation settled the midfielder was seen posing for photos.

Unease in Europe

The unease in Europe following the Paris Attacks can be cut with a knife and the incident further reinforces the belief that the attack has left quite a deep scar in the minds of the Europeans. While Nainggolan may have laughed it off, it brings a serious question about how soon the Europeans can recover back to normal. Though Nainggolan isna t a known face to everybody and the incident is expected have an effect on him The next few days with his family should help him recover from the shock of such an incident.