Arsenala s Theo Walcott reckons the present forward line that the club has is better than even the Invincibles of 2003/04.

That could be a very bold statement to make, considerin the present side are nowhere near the top of the table while the Invincibles were going through teams like they werena t event there.

But Walcott feels otherwise, and while he accepts that the present team have a lot of proving to do, for him this is the team with the better attacking talent.

Walcott said, a When I came, it was Pires and Ljungberg, Bergkamp, Thierry and Reyes – that’s some attacking force as well. I think this squad probably does beat it, but we need to prove it first.

“When we go and achieve a little bit more than winning the FA Cup, then I think we can stand up and say this is the best attacking line up we’ve ever had.

“It is a headache for the manager when you have that many great attacking options.”

The England striker would be hoping that he would be a more prominent part of the plans, especially since the forward line seems to be working so well. It is difficult to see who can be dropped from Alexis, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla and Giroud, if space has to be made for him.

Speaking of Alexis, Walcott said: “You see somebody working so hard and it makes you want to try to back him up.

“When you see what he does off the pitch, behind the scenes at the training ground, and how much work he puts in, all the players just stand up and think: Yeah, I need to do a bit more as well then.”

Alexis may well be given a much needed rest this weekend in the FA Cup match, which would be the chance Walcott would be looking for, to show the manager that he should be part of the first team too.

Cazorla could also be rested for this game, and Ozil might be given the chance to play in the central role. Walcott and Ozila s combination play hasna t come to bear fruit yet, and theya ll look towards this game to ignite the understanding that would make Arsenal a huge threat going forward.

Walcott would also want to kick start his season, having missed a huge part of it due to injury. He would be rearing to go, and whether he can get back his sharpness quickly enough is something that will have to be seen.