Speaking ahead of Arsenal‘s clash against Liverpool on Saturday, Arsene Wenger has called for a top performance against as he believes that it is extremely important for Arsenal to get back to its winning ways after the international break.

Sitting on the third spot in the English Premier League, Arsenal are 6 points clear off Liverpool and a victory at the Emirates could see them ease into the race for a top four finish as it will open a 9 point lead over their rivals. However Arsene Wenger has refused to get into the a mathermaticsa of it and believes that it is more important for his team to win in order to continue the winning streak.

a Ita s a big game and an opportunity for us to continue our run, which is what we want to do. We are on a strong run and we just want to focus on winning our games, winning the next one. Liverpool is a big opponent but we play at the Emirates and we want to do it. You know after the international break it’s always important that you come back and straight away you are on it.”

Speaking about the race for a top four finish, Wenger declined to comment on it, insisting that he was only focused on the game against Liverpool.

“I’m not too much in mathematics now. We do that after the game. What is important is just for us to win the game and produce the performance. At the moment, I just want to make sure we have a quality performance and have a continuity of what we produced recently.”

Arsene Wenger also commented on Danny Welbeck and believes that the former Manchester United striker has improved significantly and considers him to be a team player who has done his best for the national team.

Wenger believes that Welbeck has improved tactically

Wenger believes that Welbeck has improved tactically

a I think hea s an important player who contributes a lot,a the manager said. “Not only does he now score goals, but as well contributes a lot to the team work.

a Hea s a team player and I believe technically he has improved a lot. When you look at him now I believe that technically he is much more mature, more composed in front of goal, the quality of his runs is getting better and he has huge, huge attributes.a

Wenger also believes that though it is better for England to have the option of Harry Kane in the team, the Arsenal boss thinks that Welbeck has earned his position in the national team.

a Kane played one game and ita s good for England to have many options and to choose the best one,” he said. “Welbeck until now has always been the chosen best one and I dona t see how, after Friday night, Roy Hodgson could change his mind.a

The Arsenal manager also spoke about Steven Gerrard and revealed that he has the utmost respect for the midfielder who remained loyal to Liverpool all these years.

“For long, long periods, when Liverpool were in trouble, everyone looked at Steven Gerrard [as if to say] a do something for usa and you can say that nine times out of 10, he did it. Hea s a huge player and I think what I like as well and what you dona t see anymore a lot, he has shown a great loyalty. Through his whole career, he played at Liverpool and ita s very difficult to see now because he had the calibre to play anywhere at any big club and remained loyal and faithful to Liverpool. I have a big respect for that.”

He also believes that Gerrard encapsulated the idea of a complete midfielder who had plenty of ammunition in his arsenal.

a When you look at his qualities, ita s difficult to see what he hasna t got in the locker. He was quick, he had a good long pass, he had a good technique, he could score goals. Hea s a dream midfielder, so overall I believe he had every single quality that you dream to have when you play in midfield.a