Brendan Rodgers gave his thoughts about Raheem Sterling’s controversial interview with BBC yesterday, as Liverpool get ready to face Arsenal this weekend.

Sterling was interviewed by BBC yesterday, an interaction that was also unsanctioned by the club, and his comments have been making rounds since. The 20-year old has rejected Liverpool’s offer of a contract extension till the summer. Sterling took the interview to go on record to state that he doesn’t want to be perceived as a money grabbing youngster. He said that he is more focused on trophies, and also said that he is flattered by Arsenal’s links in the same interview- comments which easily suggest he is slightly wary of Liverpool’s ambitions.

Brendan Rodgers was naturally quizzed on the matter when he spoke to the media ahead of Saturday’s crucial match against Arsenal, a game that could shape Liverpool’s hopes of finishing in the top 4 this season. Rodgers said that he was calm regarding the situation and wants the focus to be on the football. The Northern Irishman also claimed that Sterling’s intention in doing the interview was also probably to state that he wants the focus to be on football. Rodgers also said that Liverpool can fulfil his ambition of winning trophies as that is what the club is looking to do now.

a The concentration for me a like I said a few weeks back a is to focus just on his football and help him continue with his development at a place where he has made great strides over the past couple of years,a Rodgers said.

a The last time we sat down the intention of the player, his representatives and the club was to put it on hold until the end of the season. Raheem has come out and made his feelings clear on that and hopefully now the focus will be very much on the football.

a If Raheem is saying his ambition is to win trophies and be successful then thata s perfectly aligned with what wea re looking to do.

a Arsenal is a fantastic football club but this is Liverpool. One of the great clubs of the football world. Ita s an honour for Raheem to play here and he understands that.

a What hea s saying overall is that hea s got two and a half years left on his contract and hea s as relaxed as I am about the situation.

a Raheem has been involved with the first team for two and a half years.

a The player he is today is down to the environment and what wea ve created here. He still has learning and developing to make on and off the field.”

Rodgers also reiterated that Liverpool was the right place for the player and the club will not be selling him this summer and the focus is to make him the best player he can be.

a We feel that this is a great place for him. He still has two and a half years to run on his contract and hea s not going anywhere in the summer. We will focus on making him the best player that he can be.a