Arsenal FC midfield star Aaron Ramsey believes that the the club can challenge Chelsea FC for the Premier League title with the existing set of players.

Arsenal FC had last won the league in 2004 season when Roman Abramovic had just taken over Chelsea FC.

Since the appointment of Jose Mourinho as the manager and Chelsea FC having the Russian billionaire’s funds, Arsenal FC have not gone onto win the title.

It also coincided with Arsenal FC investing in a the new stadium which meant the club was financially crippled for a good amount of time with heavy loan installment repayments meaning the club was not able to compete as usual.

Ramsey reckons that the drought for the league title could finally be over next summer despite Arsenal FC not signing any player provided they are able to have the squad available throughout the year.

That is quite an ask given the injury record Arsenal FC have had over the last decade or so.


Ramsey said:”Every club brings in a new faces and a few will leave. But even with this group of players now I believe if everyone was fit in the season we would have a great opportunity of competing for the Premier League.”

“This team has come on a lot over the last few years and if we can get off to a good start next season we will challenge.”

“The club is in a good place. They don’t have to let players go and we’re building on this team rather than players leaving and you have to rebuild around those left.”

“It is a nice feeling and means that the group can stick together. The understanding is there already so it can only get stronger.”

Arsenal FC have won the FA Cup in 13-14 and 14-15 with Ramsey being a key players in both those triumphs. The club indeed have a very strong squad but a very poor injury record. They will have to improve that, as Ramsey indicated, should they have to win the Premier League.