Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger says that he panics whenever he thinks about retirement from the game.

The 2015-16 campaign will be Arsene Wengera s 20th in charge of the North London. Wenger has won three league titles and six FA Cups during his long and illustrious stay at the club so far. The Frenchman has been under a lot of pressure to deliver in the recent past as the club endured eight straight trophy-less campaigns, but now with no financial restrictions to watch out for, Wenger has delivered two FA Cups in the last two seasons.

Last week Ivan Gazidis refused to put an end-date to Wengera s tenure at the club and now the 65-year-old has revealed that he isna t thinking about retiring anytime soon.

Last season, after a league defeat against Stoke City, the Arsenal manager faced abuse from the fans while he was boarding a train, and now eight months down the line, Wenger has managed to change the tide with a positive finish to the season.

Not to be influenced by what people say

When asked about that afflictive moment when the fans confronted and jeered him, Wenger said that he doesna t let peoplea s assessment affect him.

a I have big experience and experience helps you anticipate what you will face. I did not necessarily anticipate that. Even here there are unpredictable responses.

a You would not necessarily expect people to insult you on the way to the train. Ita s the way society has gone and you have to go with it. You can take it or not. I can, as well, take a distance from that. I know the same people can be excessive on one side and the other side. Thata s where experience helps. You have a good assessment of who you are. And youa re not influenced by what people say, whether thata s on one side too positive and on the other side too negative.a a The Arsenal FC manager was quoted as saying by the Guardian.

Sir Alex has horse, I dona t: Wenger

The Frenchman also feels that he is not ready to retire from the game and follow the footsteps of former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Wenger revealed a conversation between these two legendary coaches and said that while Ferguson has other interests off the field to keep him occupied, his only passion is football.

a Retirement? Yes, it crosses my mind sometimes but for no longer than five seconds because I panic a little bit. When we played at Man United, he [Alex Ferguson] came to meet me after the game. I said: a Come on, you dona t miss it?a He says: a No.a He had enough. He goes to every game. But he has horses. I have no horses.

a Enthusiasm? That is not a problem, honestly. I am more committed than ever for that. I just think the number of times you have done it doesna t count. It is how much you love what you do that counts.

a And the love of what you do is not necessarily diminished by the number of times youa ve done it. Football is new every day. Thata s a big quality. It makes you question. Because with every defeat people say: a What is this guy doing?a Every three days you are questioned. You have an exam every three days. You have no way to look back. You have to prepare the next exam and come out of it with success. So it always demands 100% commitment.

a Ia m like everybody. The job of a manager is to reduce the time of crisis. I want to do well for the club and, as well, when I leave one day, leave the club in a position where the club can go on and on. That is why I always fought for the financial fair play a that is vital so the guy who comes in has top quality players, a strong financial situation and can work with his ideas. That, for me, is very, very important.a a Wenger added.