Arsenala s Calum Chambersa transfer from Southampton is being investigated by the FA.

According to the Daily Mail, the 15 million transfer between the two clubs is being investigated by the FA, even though there wasna t any problem between the two clubs.

Neither Southampton nor Arsenal have registered any complaint and the FA is also not providing any details regarding the investigation, which has left both clubs confused on what it is about.

The Daily Mail reports that the investigation is being done followed by a complaint from a a disgruntled third partya .

However, as far as it can ascertained, everything about the Chambers transfer was above board, with the negotiations taking place between Southamptona s Les Reed and Arsenala s Dick Law.

According to Chambersa former teammates, it seems the problem lies with Arsenal, but it is impossible to speculate on what the problem could have been.

At best, one might think that it has to do something with an agent but the FA conducting an investigation based on an agenta s complaint might be a little too farfetched.

Whatever the reason is, one can only hope it comes out into the open quickly and gets resolved soon.

At least Arsenal fans will be hoping for the same, considering that Calum Chambers has been impressive for most of the time he has been given a chance to play for the club.

Chambers was one of the necessary signings that Arsenal had to make in the summer, considering that they were very short in the defensive areas. He subbed for Koscielny whenever he got injured and has also been an able Right Back as a deputy for Mathieu Debuchy. Now that Hector Bellerin has proven himself in the full back position, Chambers is likely to be seen more as a centre back and as cover for Koscielny and Mertesacker. He will be fighting for a place in the team with Gabriel Paulista, another necessary signing, made in January.

Arsenala s defence has always been a problem and there is pressure on Chambers to be at the top of his game, considering he is the costliest defender that Arsene Wenger has bought in his entire tenure at Arsenal. There would be immense pressure on the youngster to come good, but on the basis of the evidence so far, he seems to be an intelligent player who can pick up the game quickly and has the talent to prosper.