Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger praised Costa Rican Joel Campbell ahead of his match against Norwich City, as Campbell finally proved his attitude towards the game during training and in the midweek.

Joel Campbell, who can play both as a winger and as centre forward, after his loan spells across Europe seems to have impressed the Frenchman with his work ethic, as Wenger took his time to praise the young talented star. The Costa Rican seems to finally gained the trust of his manager after backing his talent with hard work in training.

Wenger had trusted Campbell would come through on his talent this season as he retained the player in his squad and the Costa Ricana s performance against Dinamo Zagreb would be the perfect tonic for both the player and the manager.

a This season I didna t want to [loan] him out because he has a genuine team attitude and hea s a fighter. What you want from him is to bring more offensively when he played, and recently he has shown, when he is confident, he can produce the offensive quality.

a I smelt something with him that is very interesting. The other night he had a positive attitude, he was not only playing safe.

a Hea s creative. I could see that but the creativity is linked with the confidence. You open your eyes when you feel really free to take the initiative. That was a bit of his problem [before].a

Ramsey to return straight away .

Arsenal FCa s injury crisis during this time of the season has become a mundane affair and this season proves to be no different, as Wenger battles the latest injury crisis but will be boosted with the return of Aaron Ramsey especially after midfield enforcer Francis Coquelin has been ruled out for a few months. Wenger hinted that he will be tempted to accommodate both Ramsey and Campbell in the absence of their first choice defensive midfielder.

a At the end of the day, you decide whata s best for the team. Ramsey is coming back of coursea but it [might be] good to move Ramsey inside [in Coquelina s defensive midfield position] during a game and give Campbell the opportunity.a

Campbella s loan spells across Europe has not only helped him adjust to life in Europe but also taught him the nuances of football in Europe and how difficult it will be to break into a big club like Arsenal. Campbell has used his experience positively to win a spot in the Arsenal squad and is now in the reckoning for a spot in the starting eleven, but it would be foolish to forget that just few months back rumours were circulating that the Costa Rican would be sold to finance a new signing to help reinforce the squad.