With Arsenal FC getting ready to face off against Olympiakos in a crucial Champions League Group F match on Wednesday, Arsene Wenger would be readying his depleted forces, in order to make it through to the Round of 16 stage of the competition. One person who might be out of the plans is midfielder Mesut Oezil.

The Gunners need to win this match by two goals or more, if they are to have any hopes of qualifying. Otherwise, it’s the Europa League for them.

But, reports from London suggest that Oezil might not be playing for the Gunners on the Wednesday night fixture. The German star has been instrumental for Arsenal this season, raking-up 12 assists so far in the Premier League.

However, Wenger seems to be all set to give Oezil a bit of a rest in the Olympiakos match, as he wants to avoid losing yet another key player to injury, according to London Evening Standard.

Arsene’s injury woes


Arsenal currently have around one-thirds of their squad injured, and a lot of blame has been put on Wenger’s shoulder for the injury of forward Alexis Sanchez, who many believed was overplayed by the Frenchman.

Wenger seems to be hoping to avoid similar injuries, as he looks set to rest Oezil, who has also been instrumental this season in the Olympiakos match.

Oezil having the best season of his career

The Germany star believes that he is having the best season of his life right now, and this continuity of good form is an important aspect for his own development as a football player.

“This is the strongest season I have ever played,” Oezil was quoted sauing in the Daily Star. “I am on a good way, playing really well. I believe in myself.

“I am positive. Personally this season has been really good with the number of assists that I have, but the most important thing is that we play well as a team and we have to try our best to stay at the top,” he continued. “I’m developing as a player and this season everything is going really well so I am very happy about that.”