In a world where World Class footballers are famous for their off-field antics and on-field heroics, one man goes about silently doing his job, for the good of people. For Germany and Arsenal he does it on the pitch, assisting, whereas for some South American kids he does it, off it.

World Cup winner, Mesut Ozil has again showed why he’s so loved by Arsenal and Germany fans and revered elsewhere. The Arsenal FC star has funded lifesaving operations for 11 children, from poor South American families, to be performed in the near future, in the Brazilian state of Coroata, in the north-eastern region of Maranhao.

These children, suffering from life-threatening diseases, belong to very poor families, who could not afford the treatment otherwise. With the help of ‘Mesut Ozil Foundation’ and childrena s aid programme BigShoe, these treatment for the needy children were made viable, and the operations are set to take place between 24th October and 7th November.

Last year, Ozil had donated his entire World Cup bonus to help 23 Brazilian kids undergo lifesaving operations. The 26-year-old was elated after winning the World Cup in Brazil, and wanted to help the children in Brazil, thereby building a legacy. This honorable gesture from the German play-maker had earned him a Laureas award for his charity work.

The Arsenal FC superstar, wants to leave a mark in the country, where he won the World Cup.

He said“Even one year after we won the World Cup, I want to continue to leave a positive mark in Brazil by financing eleven more childrena s operations.”

For me ita s very important that I carry on providing help for the children of Brazil.”


The German has found life to be tough in the Premier League and has been unable to replicate his Real Madrid form, ever since the record-breaking move to Arsenal FC, two years ago. Ozil, showed signs of returning to great form towards the end of the season and the fans would be hoping, he can carry from where he left in the last campaign.