Arsenala s Mesut Ozil said that he was very happy with his season so far, but said it was more important for the team to win games than his personal performance.

a I think ita s been very positive [this season],a Ozil told Arsenal Player. a Of course picking up my injury was a negative because I missed a lot of games. But if you look at the league and my performances, Ia m really satisfied.

a Ia d say Ia m on the right way. Whata s most important is that I perform well consistently. The team support me really well and the manager gives me his trust.

a Ia ve missed a lot of football and I think it shows on the pitch that I worked very hard during that time. So now I just want to… help the team and Ia m on the right path.

a The most important thing is that we win games as a team. Of course ita s nice if I can give an assist or score a goal, but really, whata s most important is that we are successful as a team.

a Wea re rightfully near the top of the table and in the semi-finals of the FA Cup again. I think we can win trophies again this year, and if we do that, we will be satisfied.a

The knee injury that Ozil suffered may have actually been advantageous as he has come back from it all bulked up, making it difficult for opposition defenders to push him off the ball easily. Combine that with his skills on the ball, Ozil has become that much more dangerous since his return to the team and it has shown in the stats and his goals and assists as well.

For Arsenal to have any chance of finishing second this season, and if luck goes their way, even finish at the top, they would need players like Ozil to step up for every game till the end of the season. There is no scope for any let downs for the rest of the season, and while it may be difficult to continue the winning run till the final game, they should try and minimise the number of points they drop. The game against Liverpool, for example, is something they should look to win, especially since the Reds would be missing out on some key players that would have made life difficult for Arsenal. Unless they can take their chances, they will once again finish 3rd or 4th, and nobody wants that to happen this season.