Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri has expressed his admiration for Arsenal FC boss Arsene Wenger, whom he rates as the best manager he has played under.

Samir Nasri arrived at Arsenal at the age of 21 and soon became one of the favourites among the fans. His ability to dribble past players with ease and create chances for his teammates made him one of the key players in Wengera s starting line-up. Personally 2010-11 was the best season for him and he found a place in the PFA team of the year.

Manchester City made a move to sign the Frenchman and despite Arsenala s resistance, they finally had to give in to Nasria s wish. Arsenal lost a host of players to Man City following that season, which put a massive dent in Wengera s plans for the club. Nasria s move to Man City turned all the Arsenal fans against him and every time the Frenchman visited the Emirates, he was reminded of that.

Despite all this, Nasri still retains immense respect for Arsene Wenger. In an interview with FourFourTwo, Nasri insisted that he still talks with the Arsenal boss, who he claims to be the best manager he has worked with so far in his career. The Man City midfielder remains grateful for all Wenger has done for him, during his time at the London based club.

a Yes, I speak to him.

a Ia m close to Arsene Wenger, Ia ve always said he is my football father, and I wouldna t just say that.

a He did a lot for me; he made me the player I am and is someone whoa s been really important for my career. So I have a good relationship with him, he is someone I will always respect because he deserves it. For me, hea s been the best manager I ever had in my career, so I have a lot of respect for him.a a The former Arsenal star told FourFourTwo.

The Frenchman also found a lot of similarities between Wenger and his current manager Manuel Pellegrini at Manchester City.


a Football wise ita s the same a they like to have a team with good professionalism, and an offensive team as well.

a So they have the same mentality, and they are both calm as well.

a The thing is with Pellegrini, you know exactly what he thinks about you. He passes you his message when hea s disappointed, and thata s really important in the relationship with a manager to talk about things, as you know exactly what he wants from you.a a He added.