Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has opened up about the reason he left Arsenal to Barcelona.

In an interview with BeIN Sport, Henry said it was uncertainty of Arsene Wengera s future at the club that forced him to choose to go to Barcelona.

Henry said, a You need to know that the team that was invincible had all left. I was 29, I didna t think about leaving Arsenal. I was thinking with my level I only have 4/5 years left at top European level.

At the time I didna t know if ArsA?ne was staying. It wasna t easy. When I left Arsenal I cried. I didna t want to leave, but my competitive edge meant that I had to leave.

To enter into the history of Barcelona is difficult, but we did it as a team. We won all 6 cups.a

Considering that he had a close relationship with Arsene, it is hard to believe the manager wouldna t have told him whether he would stay or not. And now Wenger has continued till then, with 2 more years left in contract.

He went on to talk about how he actually signed for Arsenal.

Henry said, a I was playing a game against Udinese to decide who would get EURO Cup. We played, I took the plane home. On the plane, I was sitting next to ArsA?ne. Life is strange like that. What he told me, convinced me.

I said to ArsA?ne, I dona t want to stay at Juve and he said the one club I wanted to join, would like to is Arsenal. The rest is history.a

He also spoke about his return to Arsenal from MLS.

Henry said, a Whenever it was winter break in the MLS, I came back to train with them. The fitness trainers they were like, youa re in good condition Thierry!

And then one day, the boss said, a Thierry, do you want to come back?a I would have always said yes, but I wanted to know what for. To help the youngsters, to play?a

Speaking about the goal he scored against Leeds, he said, a I have never had a chance to score a goal as a fan. With the history I had here, I came back as a fan. I have never exploded (in celebration) like that. I have never had a reaction like that.a

He continued, a a Football has given so much to me, I want to give back. Even if it is a kid in the park who needs advice. Anywhere. Sometimes people think of football and think only of Champions League, World Cup. There is so much more to football.a