Arsenala s Tomas Rosicky has revealed that he gave serious thought to leaving the club in January.

Speaking to the local press ahead of the international games, Rosicky said that he still doesna t know why he didna t get any game time for half the season.

Rosicky said, a Since the start of the year things have improved, the team has started to play better football and whata s more Ia m playing! Compared to the first six months, ita s much better. Wea ll see how it goes from here.

a I dona t really know [why I didna t play]. Ita s a good question, Ia d also like to know. Perhaps you can go to one of Wengera s press conferences and ask him directly.

a The coach gave me a chance towards the end the year against Queens Park Rangers and I scored, which of course helps, and then the manager began to give me more playing time. I dona t know, maybe it was a watershed moment.

a Wea d talked about [me leaving in January] in previous meetings back in September and October, but then the market closed and I couldna t do anything.

a When you dona t play a single game in December and the market opens, [the prospect of leaving] is obviously on the agenda. Then you start to have second thoughts. It was an exception for me though, I really thought about it. Then Arsenal said stay and that was that.

a The rest of the season will go quickly, then wea ll look for a solution. Arsenal is still an option for me next season, the ball is in their court. When I get back from international duty wea ll start to talk about it.

a There are two options open to me [stay at Arsenal or go elsewhere]. At the moment Ia m in a situation where I make the decision.a

Rosicky has put in some fine performances this season and he has generally done quite well during his time at Arsenal. Despite being 34 years old, he still has the energy to zip around defenders and provide that attacking thrust and urgency that Arsenal sometimes lack. Arsenal fans would certainly want Rosicky to stay on, especially since he would bring in much needed experience and calmness under pressure that the team has been missing for a few seasons. It is not too far back in time to forget the number of times Arsenal players have bottled it in pressure situations. With Rosicky, they would have a player with experience and the talent to make a difference in big games.