Arsenal FC striker Olivier Giroud wants to have face-to-face conversation with Thierry Henry regarding his comment that the Gunners needed a better striker to win the league.

Last April Thierry Henry commented that Arsenal needed a new a spinea in the team to win the league. The Arsenal legend went on to state that the Gunners wona t be able to win the Premier League with Olivier Giroud as their striker. The 28-year-old striker didna t take the criticism kindly and retaliated through the media. He was also backed by his manager Arsene Wenger, who reminded Henry that he faced similar criticisms when he was signed by the club.

Giroud has now claimed that he doesna t hold any grudge against Henry, but is keen to have a man-to-man conversation with the former Arsenal striker, if and when they meet. The Frenchman also claimed that he remains unaffected by comments about his performances as he concentrates solely on improving his game.

a We will have a conversation between two mena

a I know Thierry and I knew what he wanted to mean. If I see him we will have a conversation between two men. Ia m not angry against him but ita s true that I didna t understand at first. But ita s alright. Ia m not going to be upset about that. Ia m sleeping well and as long as my family is OK thata s the main thing. It doesna t affect me too much.

a To be honest, when you are a footballer you dona t have to listen to people commenting about your performance. The main thing is not to have any doubt when you miss a chance or miss a game. The best thing is to forget about the comments straight away and to keep the head up and not let it affect your qualities.a a The Arsenal striker was quoted as saying by the Telegraph.

Giroud was part of the away kit launch for the Gunners, in Singapore. The former Montpellier forward didna t change his kit number to 9, which was vacated by the departure of Lukas Podolski. Giroud believes that the number hardly makes any difference.

a I dona t want to change because people have bought my shirt with the 12. Ia m not superstitious. I know the No.9 is for the attack leader but I will not be a better player if I wear a different number.a a Giroud said.


Girouda s current contract runs till 2018 and he is keen to extend his stay at the club beyond that. The striker claimed that he would want to continue playing the game till his body permits and has prioritised the 2018 World Cup with his national team.

a Because I love this game I will play until my body cana t back me anymore. Maybe until 37 or 38. The World Cup [in 2018] is a big target for me and hopefully I will sign a new contract before then.a a He added.

Giroud isna t the problem; lack of other options is

While Olivier Giroud certainly doesna t belong to the league of Sergio Aguero or Luis Suarez, the Frenchman often attracts unwarranted criticism from fans and the experts. Arsenal do need another proper striker in their ranks, as do they need another defensive midfielder. But Giroud showed what he brings to the team when he returned after his injury last season. He isna t quick, but his hold-up play is decent. Girouda s finishing has also improved since he first arrived at the club.

What the Gunners need is someone with a bit more pace, someone who can run behind the defence; someone who can complement the Frenchman and provide something different. Arsene Wenger is seemingly keen to provide Theo Walcott more opportunities in that role next season, but then again Walcott has his own weaknesses as well.

Arsenal have been linked with Karim Benzema recently, and although the chances of him leaving Real Madrid this summer looks remote, Real Madrid have disposed far more important players in the past without a second thought.