Arsenala s Joel Campbell, who is on loan to Villarreal till the end of the season, has revealed that he took Cazolaa s advice on moving to Spain.

Cazorla has spent a considerable amount of his playing career at Villarreal and he was best placed to advise Campbell on what to expect at the club.

a Santi Cazorla is a great player and he told me how Ia d find the club. He said that at Villarreal ita s just one big happy family,a revealed the Costa Rica international.

a Ia m very happy to be here and playing in La Liga. Ita s a great chance for me to do well in the second half of the season.

a Playing in Spain is certainly special. I was lucky enough to play with Real Betis and now Ia ve got the opportunity again with Villarreal.

a Ia m ready to work hard and I hope things turn out well. My head is at Villarreal and Ia m determined to prove my worth here.a

Campbell, for his part, is all set to show Arsenal and Arsene Wenger what he can do and is waiting for a chance to prove himself at Villarreal.

Campbell said, a Ia m ready to do whatever the Coach needs from me and am anxious to be part of this club achieving its aims.

a Ia m not sure if Ia ll play at Getafe as thata s a decision for the Coach. I would, however, be delighted to able to help.

a I hope I play some role and it would be great to assist the team in getting through to the semi-finals.

a I sense that everyone is keen to get through to the next round,a he added.

Campbell would certainly be looking to make a big enough impact to convince Arsene that he should be part of the cluba s plans for next season. With rumours of Cavani constantly on the rise and Arsenal not linked with any other big money moves so far, the Costa Rican would certainly be wary of losing his place at the team.

While there were fears that Campbell was running out his contract, Arsenal have confirmed that he signed a contract extension before leaving for Villarreal on loan. So Arsenal fans do not have to worry about losing another potential player. However, if Campbell doesna t show that he is good enough to be making regular appearances and contributing to the teama s cause, the same fans would turn and demand a signing to replace him. This is more or less make or break for Joel Campbell as Arsene and Arsenal continue making important signings every year.