After drawing a lot of criticism for their training techniques, Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger finally decided that he had heard enough, as he hit back at the critics, wondering (aloud) in the press conference, how these critics knew more than his team of medical staff.


Wenger’s training techniques have been under the scanner ever since Arsenal FC’s 3-0 loss away at lowly Sheffield on Wednesday, in their Capital One Cup Round of 16 tie. In this match Arsenal FC lost two players (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott) to injuries, adding to an already large list of sidelined players in their squads.

However, Dutch fitness expert Raymond Verheijen had criticised Wenger and his medical staff for their their archaic training techniques. However, when asked about this, Wenger seemed to be showing his complete support for his medical staff.

“I dona t know. This guy looks like he knows absolutely everything,” Wenger was quoted saying in Daily Star. “I’m amazed that he knows more than all our physics and all our doctors. I trust my medical staff to do well and my coaching staff to do the fitness planning very well.

“I can only invite you one day to see what work is done behind and we have some players who are more injury prone than others , but we are very well organised on that front,” he further said.

Injury crisis at Wenger’s club

The Gunners have been suffering from a number of injuries, and that count has now risen to eight, with both Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain, joining Arsenal FC’s list of walking wounded, to make it a total of eight.

This is a real crisis period for the Gunners right now, as they get ready to face Swansea City FC on Saturday, and then have a difficult away fixture at FC Bayern Munich, in midweek. The absence of key players like Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott, and Alex Oxlade-Chamnberlain is conspicuous. While there have been talks of the Frenchman going with 19-year-old Alex Iwobi due to the lack of wingers, it would be interesting to see how the top Gunners fare, yet again.