Arsenala s Arsene Wenger today refused to speculate on transfer rumours regarding Liverpoola s Raheem Sterling and Palermoa s Dybala.

Sterling, in a BBC interview, had said that he was flattered by Arsenala s interest in him, and combining that with his refusal to renew his contract with Liverpool, has led to a flurry of rumours in the media that Arsenal and the player are in talks for a deal.

However, Arsene wisely stayed away from all the speculation, just ahead of their game against the Scousers, preferring to say instead that it doesna t matter because it wasna t a transfer window.

Arsene said, a Raheem Sterling is a top player, everybody in the country knows that now. He is a very important player for Liverpool of course. I dona t want to interfere in [reports about Sterling’s future], especially 48 hours before the game. Thata s down to Liverpool, I dona t want to interfere in that. Ita s not my problem. I do not want to speak about any move. We are not in a transfer period, we are in front of a big game. I respect Liverpool and I do not want to go into any supposed move for any of their players.a

In the same vein, Arsene also shot down reports that Arsenal had made a bid for the Argentinian Dybala. The Palermo president claimed that Juventus and Arsenal had made bids for the player, but the Arsenal manager called his bluff, asking reporters to make the president show them the cluba s offer if it were really true.

Arsene said, a Ask him [the Palermo president] to show you the offer. [There is no interest], not at all.a
However, as both reports show, Arsenal certainly seem to be interested in signing a forward, and with an already loaded forward line, it can only point towards one thing, and that is the end is near for Theo Walcotta s time at Arsenal. With Sanchez and Welbeck newly signed players, and Giroud having another great season, it is only Walcott who seems to not have made the cut this season. Granted, his injury was a major factor, but considering that he is up for contract renewal again, and how difficult he made it the last time, it is not too hard to envisage Arsene Wenger thinking about buying a new player rather than going through the ordeal again. Also, Walcott hasna t shown much for his years at the club and another salary hike may not be justifiable.